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Cowls solve downdraught issues by stopping wind and rain entering the chimney. They also keep the flue clear of birds and other wildlife.

Blockage Removal

Birds Nest Removal & Guards Fitted
Do you have twigs or smoke coming down your chimney? If so, this could be a sign that you have a nest in there. I will fully clear your nest install, a cowl to prevent future infestation.

C02 Alarm Supply & Fitting

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Why do chimneys get blocked?

A chimney is said to be blocked when the chimney draw becomes obstructed. The common reasons for this are as follows:

  • A build up of soot and creosote (tar), even in a small way, can interfere with the draft of the chimney because it will reduce the overall flue diameter
  • External factors such as leaves, moss, bird nests and even dislodged bricks within the chimney can cause a partial blockage
  • The draw and overall performance of your chimney could also be impaired due to poor installation